Active Maths
Sample elementary math activities and games

Amazing Animals (Jungle Jumble)
Plentiful animal information with fun animal puzzles
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Videos and IWB compatible activities for all subject areas
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BrainPOP Jr.
Videos and IWB compatible activities for all subject areas (K-2)
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Pairs of fiction and non-fiction books with corresponding IWB activities
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Britannica Online Learning Activities
Languange Arts, Science, Social Studies and Math for all ages
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Classroom Jeopardy
Interactive review game template for all ages

Crickweb Games
Free Interactive Primary or Elementary safe fun games for children of all ages

Earobics Game Goo
Elementary reading games

Fun education videos and interactive games to use in your lessons

Bank of imaginative, highly visual science teaching-aids developed for use with interactive whiteboards

Illuminations from NCTM
Over 100 math activities for grades PK-12

Interactive Websites for Grades K-12
Lists of resources for all contents and grade levels including assessments

MEDtropolis Virtual Body
Interactive anatomy and heath resources

Comprehensive online English lessons for ELLs

PBS Kids Whiteboard Games
Elementary games for all contents based on PBS shows

PhET Simulations
Math and science simulations K-12 and beyond

Primary Math Games
Games designed to help children understand basic number concepts

Science Discovery Darwin
Learn about Darwin's theory of Natural Selection and play the survival game to test your skills

Scribble Maps
Find and write on maps of all kinds

Sheppard Software
Interactive games for many subjects PK and up

Shine + Write
Interactive math activities

Thinkport Think Classroom for all Contents
Interactive activities for all ages and contents

this is sand
Plain old fun - hold your finger anywhere on the board to see what happens

Tumble Book Library
Interactive books with corresponding puzzles
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Virtual Activity Site
Lee's Summit School District site for virtual activities, scavenger hunts and field trips

A digital library of Web-based learning resources called "learning objects" created by multimedia technicians from the Wisconsin Technical College System.

XP Math
Common Core aligned interactive math games for grades 2-8