**Smart Board Smarty**Tons of SMART Board/Notebook tutorials created by a couple of teachers in Illinois

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6 Minute BASIC SMART Board Set-up Video

Two Minute Tutorials by SMART Technologies

Note: We are working on updating the section below to include SMART Notebook 11.

**Basic Smart Board Tutorials**

Touch, write, save - A two minute tutorial covering basic Smart Board.

InkAware -A two minute tutorial covering how to embed handwritten notes into Microsoft Word and Excel.

Using Microsoft Powerpoint and Smart Board Navigate through a Powerpoint slide show and make notes.

**SMART Notebook Basics**

Notebook Software 10 Basics -Learn to write, save notes and convert handwriting to typed text.

Objects in Notebook - Learn to create, select, move, resize and rotate objects in Notebook software.

Page Sorter in Notebook 10 - Learn to create a new page, drag an object from one page to another, name pages and change the page order in your file.

Gallery in Notebook 10- This tutorial will introduce you to Notebook software’s Gallery and show you how to search for creative content for your lessons.

SMART Notebook Software 10 Tips and Tricks

These videos help you to create interactive lessons that will engage your students. Please use Microsoft Internet Explorer to view this set of videos.

SMART Notebook Math - Creating Geometric Shapes

  • Tutorial: Use the math tools to create regular and irregular polygons to teach geometry or fractions. Flash

SMART Notebook Math - Teaching Secondary Math

  • Teaching Secondary Math with SMART Notebook Math Tools English_UK

SMART Notebook Math - Using Math Tools

  • Tutorial: Learn to draw shapes and draw lines using the Math tools. Flash
  • Tutorial: Use the measurement tools to measure shapes and angles. Flash