Best Live Virtual Field Trips Directory

Eagle Cams - Institute for Wildlife Studies

Easter Island

Farm - 4H

Google Maps & Google Earth
work great together for virutal field trips, but you must put in a helpdesk case to have Google Earth downloaded to your computer.

Grand Canyon

NASA Digital Learning Network

National Geographic US National Parks

Historical Plymouth, MA

Manhattan, NY


Moon - Google Earth
(Requires Google Earth Download)

Mt. St. Helen's Volcano

National Zoo

can make great virtual field trips if you know someone somewhere else! Again, you need to put in a helpdesk case to have Skype set-up on your computer.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Tramline Web Quests

Virtual Activity Site
Lee's Summit School District site for virtual activities, scavenger hunts and field trips

Virtual Tidepool

Virtual Smithsonian